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Installing HAC and Android SDK


The HAC Easy Installer can install HAC and a basic Android SDK in less than 10 minutes, depending upon the internet connection speed. In contrast the HAC Standard Installer and standard Android SDK can take a few hours to download and install.

HAC needs some helper programs in order to create Android apps. Installing these helper programs is by far the most complex part of getting HAC to run.

Its best to install these helper programs before you install HAC because when HAC runs it will try to auto-detect these programs so saving you the problem of locating their paths yourself.

In order to develop with HAC you MUST have the Java JDK, the Android SDK, and Apple Quicktime installed on the computer on which you are using HAC. Java JDK, Android SDK and Apple Quicktime are free to download and to use.

(1) Installing JAVA (must be v6.x and 32bit version)

The full set of Java JDKs can be downloaded from Oracle(regsitration required):-


You want "Windows X86" version here Java SE Development Kit 6u45".

Click on the download JDK button, select Windows in the list box and agree to the license agreement, click the "Continue" button and download the file to your computer. If you are using 64 bit Windows you still need the normal (32 bit) Windows option not the Windows X64 one. When downloaded install JDK in the default location. NOTE, version 8 is the latest but only version 6 is reported to be fully compatible for Android development.

Note, you can also download the 'Java SE Development Kit 6u45' from a link in our forums downloads section, its below the relevant HAC Installer download link:-


(2) Installing Apple Quicktime

HAC uses Apple Quicktime a as helper program to load some images and play some types of multi-media. It can be downloaded from:-


When downloaded install it to the default location.

(3) Installing Android SDK

If you plan to use the HAC Easy Installer then skip this step and goto step (4)

If you plan to use the HAC Standard Installer and do not already have the Android SDK installed then download and install the Android SDK as follows:-

The Android SDK can be downloaded from:-


Click on the recommended installer .exe version for Windows and it will download to your computer.

When downloaded install the Android SDK to the default location or some other place on your Operating System disk so that HAC can find and setup the file paths. If the Android SDK is installed on another disk then the file paths will have to be setup manually.

The Android SDK will not install unless you have already installed the Java JDK, occasionally it will fail to see a successfully installed JDK, if this happens simply click the "Back" button and then "Next" and this usually fixes the problem.

Once installed the Android SDK window will open and allow you to choose which updates to install. Make sure you install Android 2.3.1 (API 9) because HAC apps are expected to be able to run on Android devices such as the HTC G1. Note, this needs the checkbox Obsolete ticking otherwise the option API 9 does not appear in the list.

a: press the "Update all" button and a new window will open

b: check the "Accept all" radio button and press "Install", this can take anything up to a couple of hours depending on the speed of your internet connection and your computer.

c: when the updates are complete close the SDK window.

(4) Installing OGG Free-Codec

This codec is not needed unless you need to play OGG sound files from within HAC.

It can be downloaded from:-


Once downloaded simply follow the installer instructions.

(5) Installing HAC

To download HAC go to our downloads page and register/login to our forums:-


Run the HAC installer and just follow the instructions.

The installer places HAC in your Program Files folder and also place the documentation and example projects in your Documents folder.

Once installed run HAC and it should automatically detect the helper application paths.

However, if HAC gives a file path error then from the "Android" menu select "Android Paths" - a window will open allowing you to manually specify the correct paths. If the path was found then there will be a green tick next to that option otherwise there will be a red cross.

The following are typical paths so just use the relevant button to navigate to them:-

when in the disk root:-




or when in the Programs folder:-

c:\Programs Files\Android\android-sdk\tools\

c:\Programs Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\

c:\Programs Files\Android\android-sdk\platforms\android-9\

Java folder:-

c:\Program Files\Java\jdk.1.6.0_21\bin\

Once the paths are correct then HAC is ready to start building Android apps.

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