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Raspberry Pi
« on: October 15, 2012, 08:02:30 AM »
Posts in this section should relate specifically to the Raspberry Pi (RPi).

If you find any device specific quirks or other related issues then please post them here.


To-date, we have tried to run HAC apps on various versions of Android on a RPi with 256MB of RAM and have the following results:-

1 - HAC can connect with the RPi via network ADB
2 - The debugger (DDMS) can monitor Android events on the RPi.
3 - HAC can install its Hello World example on the RPi.

1 - Hello Worlds starts to run then fails due to lack of VM memory (failed 3.6MB allocation)

With the release of RPi boards containing 512MB RAM it is expected that developers will release much improved Android OS for RPI very soon.


The SD Card images and links can be found here:-


We found that android_sd_2 was the most stable (Gingerbread).

Connecting to RPi Android

By default the Android SD Card images have network ADB enabled, so to connect do:-

1 On your Windows computer open a terminal window

2 Type in adb connect

but replace with the address of your RPi
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