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Title: Canvases
Post by: Malkom on May 11, 2012, 07:23:35 AM

Canvases are controls that can be placed onto a card using the Toolbar.
They are very flexible and can be drawn on, have images loaded onto them and can receive touch events.


To place a canvas on a card:-

1) Select the canvas icon  on the Toolbar - its icon looks like a mountain scene

2) Press the New Canvas  button on the Toolbar

3) To place the canvas just touch the card and the canvas should appear under the mouse.

4) Canvas properties such as size and its script can be changed via the Toolbar/Editor.


To clear a canvas or set its color the CanvasClear command can be used.
The CanvasClear command clears the whole canvas to the specified color.

Code: [Select]
@ Clear canvas 5 to Bright Green

Note, colors have three components:- red, green and blue
Their values range from 0 (darkest) to 255(brightest)