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v1.15 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows


24th August 2012 HAC v1.15 released for Windows

This update has added 48 new commands covering areas such as database, notifications, full screen mode, encryption, extra string functions and network. It also includes memory/performance improvements and bug fixes.

SQLite database functionality has been added. For those who aren't familiar with SQLite databases, these commands make it somewhat easier to work on Android databases. Note, learning a bit about SQLite will make it much easier to develop database apps. Keep a look out for our forthcoming "How To" on Android databases.

Notifications have been added so allowing the app to attract the users attention. This is especially useful when the app is in the background. Both the default device sound and custom sounds are supported.

Full screen mode is now supported so that the app can hide/show the status bar or menu bar(as some users call it).

Information can now be encrypted/decrypted using AES 128.

Extra functions inlcude Base64, Bitwise, TryInteger.

Toast Messages can now be displayed to give visual feedback to the user.

A url and its web page can now be loaded into a string without the need for the user to save it to a file as was required by the earlier commands.

New Keywords

DatabasePathFN, DbExistsFN, DbImportFN, DbExportFN, DbCreateFN
DbOpenFN, DbClose, DbIsOpenFN, DbErrorMessageFN, DbExecCommandFN
DbExecQueryFN, DbQueryCountFN, DbQueryResultFN, DbQueryClose
DbInsertInit, DbInsertByName, DbInsertDoFN

* System
PackageNameFN, InternalPathFN

* Strings
IntegerTryFN, Base64EncodeFN, Base64DecodeFN
HexFN, OctalFN

* Network

* Notifications
NotifyCreateFN, NotifyUpdateFN, NotifySend, NotifyCancel, NotifyCancelAll
NotifySetTickerText, NotifySetAutoCancel, NotifySetOngoing, NotifySetNoClear
NotifySetSoundDefault, NotifySetSoundPath, NotifySetSoundInsistent, NotifySetAlertOnce

* Display
StatusBarHide, StatusBarShow, ToastMessage

* Encryption
CypherAesEncryptFN, CypherAesDecryptFN

* Bitwise
 BitAndFN, BitOrFN, BitXorFN


A number of important bug fixes has been made including:-
- app start up now much faster
- gestures in read-only fields fixed
- memory improvements
- less graphic memory used

Thank you to our forum users and others for submitting such valuable feedback.
24th August 2012
TigaByte Software


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