Author Topic: v1.13 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows  (Read 2852 times)


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v1.13 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows
« on: March 17, 2012, 03:49:20 PM »
17th March 2012 HAC v1.13 released for Windows

This update brings many improvements to HAC created apps running on both standard Android devices and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

The Persistant Storage option now works so that when an app quits there is the option to automatically save all its variables/fields so that they can be automatically reloaded when the app restarts thus saving the programmer a lot of work.

There are some major improvements including fixing screen orientation, better detection of status bar height plus several bug fixes as listed below.

There are new functions for fast array searching and 30 commands/functions for operating on Binary files.

Some improvements have targeted the Kindle Fire such as:-
 - Screen working (both portrait and landscape modes)
 - Screen area fills up to bottom options bar
 - carousel icons can be up to 800x800 pixels
 - Back button now restarts app and refreshes graphics

HAC's MyApplication Window has had its launcher icon limits increased to 800x800 for Kindle carousel.

New Keywords

 *  4 Array search functions added:-
        ArrayFindRowFN, ArrayFindAllRowsFN
        ArrayFindColumnFN, ArrayFindAllColumnsFN

* 30 Binary File commands and function
      ReadBInteger, WriteBInteger, ReadBCharUTF16, WriteBCharUTF16
      ReadBStringLine, WriteBStringLine
     CloseBFile, CreateBFile, FileBSetEndian, FileSetBLength, FileSetBPosition
     ReadBBoolean, ReadBByte, ReadBDouble, ReadBLong, ReadBShort, ReadBPString
     WriteBBoolean, WriteBByte, WriteBDouble, WriteBLong, WriteBShort, WriteBPString
     EndBFileFN, FileBEndianFN, LengthBFileFN, PositionBFileFN


* Orientation screen refresh was not working -
* Canvas Draw rect types and CanvasPlot now work on scaled
* Better detection of status bar height -
* MyApplication window - Debuggable flag now allows to force overwrite app
* Field cursor improved
* String function MiddleFN end limit fixed 

For further details see the release notes accompanying HAC and the posts listed in our forums.

Thank you to our forum users and others for submitting such valuable feedback.
17th March 2012
TigaByte Software
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