Author Topic: v1.12 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows  (Read 2903 times)


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v1.12 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows
« on: February 05, 2012, 11:25:16 AM »
5th February 2012 HAC v1.12 released for Windows

This update simplifies the installation of HAC and also adds some improvements and bug fixes.
There is now an Easy Installer that can set up HAC on a system without an Android SDK in 10 minutes or even less depending upon one's internet connection speed.

The previous (now called Standard) installer could take a few hours to install the Android SDK as well as requiring some technical knowledge to set it up.

During HAC's first and subsequent runs it is now better at finding the paths to the Android SDK.

A new menu option "Android Emulators" now makes it easier to set up Emulators (also called AVDs).

An important bug has been fixed on non-English Windows systems that affected signing apps with a Private Key.

There are now two installers available for HAC:-

(1) Standard Installer is about 14MB in size and just installs HAC.

(2) Easy Installer is about 140MB in size and installs both HAC and a basic Android SDK.

For further details see the release notes accompanying HAC and the posts listed in our forums.

Thank you to our forum users and others for submitting such valuable feedback.
5th February 2012
TigaByte Software
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