Author Topic: v1.10 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows  (Read 2706 times)


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v1.10 HyperNext Android Creator released for Windows
« on: January 16, 2012, 04:50:24 PM »
16th January 2012 HAC v1.10 released for Windows

This update allows HAC to build Android apps that can work in languages other than English.

It includes a HAC project for building an Android app that displays the various controls in English, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional.
The Android apps currently use the active keyboard and localisation, and although it can be changed by the user preferences, the app itself cannot yet change them.

Note, the text HAC displays on your PC are dependent upon the language localisation and fonts in your Microsoft Windows operating system.

Thank you to our forum users and others for submitting such valuable feedback.

16th January 2012
TigaByte Software
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