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Title: AccelerometerSensor (shaking) support?
Post by: sparkythex on June 22, 2012, 09:17:15 PM
I don't see it as an option.
Does or will you include an AccelerometerSensor, (shaking), in later release?

This component senses the Android device's accelerometer, which detects shaking and measures acceleration in three dimensions. Acceleration is measured in SI units (m/s 2 ). If the device is a rest lying flat on its back, the Z acceleration will be about 9.8.

The component produces three values.
■ XAccel : Positive when the device is tilted to the right (that is, its left side is raised), and negative when the device is tilted to the left (its right size is raised).
■ YAccel : Positive when its bottom is raised, and negative when its top is raised.
■ ZAccel : Positive when the display is facing up, and negative when the display is facing down.
 Indicates whether the accelerometer is present on the Android device.
 If set, accelerometer is enabled.
 Acceleration in the X-dimension.
 Acceleration in the Y-dimension.
 Acceleration in the Z-dimension.

AccelerationChanged(number xAccel, number yAccel, number zAccel)
 Called when the acceleration has changed.
 Called repeatedly when the Android device is being shaken.
Title: Re: AccelerometerSensor (shaking) support?
Post by: Malkom on June 25, 2012, 07:13:25 AM
Thank you for the details on this, we'll try to get it into this next update.